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Abdullah Bin Zubeir story

When taking a hot desert like a light in the course migrated from Mecca to Medina's famous, he was still a fetus in the womb. Such has been the taqdir for Abdullah bin Zubeir do migrate along The Muhajirin while not yet emerged into the natural world, is still stored in the mother's belly ....Asthma her mother, - may God ridla to him and he became ridla to God - on arrival in Quba Rayon, a hamlet on the outskirts of Madinah, came during childbirth, and newborn babies that Muhajir had come to earth Medina coincided with the entry of other muhajirin from shahabat-Messenger sallallaahu alaihi wasalam shahabat ...!

The first baby born at the time of Hijrah, the Prophet was brought to the 'alayhi wasallam in his home in Medina, then kissed him on both cheeks and kissed her mouth, until the first early entry into the abdominal cavity was Abdullah bin Zubeir taste of water is the Messenger of Allah sallallaahu' alaihi i Noble wasallam. Muslims gather and troop carrying babies in slings it around town, reading and interpretation of the Prophet. His background is that when the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam and the shahabatnya residence in Medina, the Jews felt shock and envy, and then perform psychological war against Muslims. They spread the news that their shamans had bewitched Muslims and make them sterile, so in Medina that no one will have a baby from among them ...!

And when Abdullah bin Zubeir emerged from the supernatural, it is a fact that is used taqdir to reject the lie of the Jews in Medina and guile to break them ...!

I live in the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam, Abdullah has not yet reached adult asia. But environmental and intimate relationship with the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam, has formed the framework of heroism and principle of his life, so that the duty caused the loss of a life in this world became a byword of people and recorded in world history. The little boy grew up very quickly and show you things in exceptional enthusiasm, intelligence and determination of association. His youth gone through without a stain, a saint, diligent worship, live simply and officers do not measure ....

Thus the days and fro with tabi'atnya fortune that has not changed and the spirit that never loose. It was truly a man who knows his goal and he will teach with a strong will become strong and unwavering faith ... extraordinary.

During the liberation of Africa, Andalusia and Constantinople, he was a time not exceeding the age of seventeen, appeared as one of the heroes whose names are painted all time ....

In the fighting in Africa alone, the number of Muslims is only twenty thousand of the soldiers, who never faced an enemy force as many as one hundred and twenty thousand men.

The battle raged, and the great danger of Islam! Abdullah bin Zubeir lifted his gaze to immediately review the enemy forces knew where their strengths. Power source was none other than the barbarian king who became commander of the army itself. Incessantly king cried out against the troops and encouraging them in a special way that encourages them to jump in without fear of death ....

Abdullah advised that this gallant troops who could not be conquered unless the commander jatunya this scary. But what a way to meet him, but to get him blocked by a solid wall of enemy soldiers who fought like a whirlwind ...!

But the spirit and courage of Ibn Zubeir no doubt forever ...! She called some of his friends, he said: "Protect my back and let raided with me ...!" And do not change like an arrow out of his bow, a layered cut up the ranks toward the king's enemies, and in order to in front of him, he struck a single blow, until the king It fell in a heap. Then as soon as possible with his friends, he surrounded the soldiers who are in sekeiiling king and destroy them ... and then dikuman dangkannya ... Allahu Akbar!

Muslims in order to see their flag flying there, right under the commander of the barbarian stood convey commands and maneuver, they'll realize that the victory had been achieved. And as if one person nevertheless, they stormed into the home, and everything ends with gains on the part of Muslims ...!

Abdullah bin Abi Sarah, commander of the Islamic army, knowing an important role that has been entered into by Ibn Zubeir. And in return he delivered his own and sent it to Medina victory news especially to the caliph Uthman ibn Affan ....

Only the heroism of the battlefield and how extraordinary it is also superior, but it was hidden behind his diligence in worship .... Even those who have not only one of two reasons to be proud of and brag about himself because it would be amazing we are always found in the environment and the pious people diligent worship.

So either degrees or youth, position or possessions, courage or strength, it is not able to block Abdullah bin Zubeir to become a man 'abid who fasted in the daytime, night waking worship to God with their hearts County' intentions sacred.

One day Umar ibn Abdul Aziz Ibn Abi Mulaikah told: "Try to tell us the personality of Abdullah bin Zubeir!" Then he said: "By Allah! People who never saw his body arranged in the cavity is like her soul! He was diligent to pray, and end of all things with him. ... He was bowing and prostration in such a way, so for very long, then the sparrows perched on his shoulder or his back, expected it or fabric wall hanging. And once a stone cannonball through the beard and chest while he prays, but for the sake of God, he did not care and do not waver, nor break the reading or accelerate time bowing her.

Indeed, the news actually told people about the worship of Ibn Zubeir, almost a fairy tale. And in shaum and prayer, in performing hajj and zakat, the height and glory of self-ideals in the tolerance of the night - throughout his life - to kneel and worship, in keeping the hungry at lunch time, - well over her age - to shaum and jihadun nafs ..., and in an unwavering faith in God ... in all that he is the only character second to none.

On one occasion Ibn Abbas quoted 'anhu asked people about Ibn Zubeir. So although in between these two men have understood the dispute, Ibn Abbas said: "He is a reader Kitabullah, and followers of the Sunnah of His Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam, diligent worship Him and shaum at noon for fear Him .. · A son of the defenders of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam, and his mother was Asma daughter of Shiddiq, while mak-old Khadija was the wife of Rasululiah sallallaahu' alaihi wasallam. So nobody was talking about the caliph who had gone over Uthman ibn Affan quoted named 'anhu, without regard to rules of decency and not based on awareness, they dicelanya, he said: "By Allah, I will not ask for help in dealing with my enemies to people who hate Uthman "~ At that time he really needs help, do not change as a man who drowned in need of help, people are still helping hand rejection of openness to the private self and his loyalty to the aqidah and principle, cause it does not care about losing two hundred men archers termahir which religion they are not trusted and well pleased in his heart! The time when he was in battle that will determine life and death, and most likely will change direction, if the archer-archer experts remained at his side .,,.!

Then pembangkangannya against Mu'awiyah and his son Yazid is truly heroic! According to his view, Yazid ibn Abi Sufyan bin Mu'awiyah it is the man who was the last time can be a Muslim caliphate, if it can ...! His view was indeed unreasonable, because in a matter whatsoever, Yazid incompetent! None of the goodness of his sins can delete history tells us, then how would Ibn Zubeir bai'at to him?

Words rejection of the conditions was still alive while he is strict and stern. And what he said to Yazid who have risen to the caliphate and sent emissaries to the Ibn Zubeir threatened him with bad luck if he does not membai'at on Yazid ...? When that Ibn Zubeir provided the answer: "Whenever, I'm not going to the pemabok bai'at ...!" Then he said berpantun: "Against this false nowhere unless berlunak soft chewing gums can become soft rock."

Ibn Amir al-Mu'minin Zubeir remains with the taking of Mecca al-Mukarramah as a capital city and spread its power to rule the Hijaz, Yemen, Basra, Kufa, Khorasan and all of Syria unless Damascus, after he got bai'at of all citizens of local towns mentioned above.

But people are not happy Banu Umaiyah silent and be satisfied before dropping it, then they launched a barrage attack, most of which ended with the defeat and failure. Until finally there came the time of Abdul Malik bin Marwan pemerilitahan which to attack Abdullah in Mecca was a human child choose one of the most wretched and most rampant with cruelty and kebuasannya ...! That he Hajjaj-Thaqafi, which related to personal, Umar bin Abdul Aziz, imam of the fair was once said: "supposing every race came with their respective errors, are we just came up with an error Hajjaj alone, it will be even tougher Our mistake of them all ...! "

Summoning his subordinates and the people hired, Hajjaj came to fight the capital of Makkah Ibn Zubeir. Besieged the city and its inhabitants, for approximately six months and dihalanginya they got food and water, with the hope that they leave the Ibn Zubeir alone, without soldiers and their relatives. And because of the pressure that many are the dangers of famine to surrender, until Ibn Zubeir finds himself no friends or approximately so .... And although the opportunity to escape and save his life is still open, but Ibn Zubeir decided to take their responsibilities until the last point. So he continued to face attacks Hajjaj's army with courage that can not be described, but when it has reached the age of seventy years, and we can not see the real picture of this exceptional establishment, except when we hear the conversations that took place between Abdullah with his mother grand and glorious, Asma 'bint Abu Bakr, namely in the final moments of his life. Met his mother in front of it and dipaparkannya atmosphere when it in detail, as well as about the final outcome was significantly longer inevitable ....

The word 'asthma' to him: "Son, you certainly know more about you! If according to your convictions, you are on the right path and called to reach that truth, then shabar and tawakallah in carrying out that task to the death. There is no word in the dictionary gave up the struggle against the savagery of the Children Umaiyah slaves ...! But if your mind, you just expect the world, then you are the evil slave, you harm yourself and the people who died with you! "

Abdullah said: "By Allah, O Mother! Ananda was not expecting the world or want to get it ...!And once again it is not applicable mayhem son in law of God, cheating or breaking the limit ...! "

Said Asma also: - 'I begged my heart to God may be a good endurance for yourself, whether you are leading me to God and me. O Allah, may worship throughout the night, shaum throughout the day and devotion to his parents, accompanied thank thee thy mercy stream. O Allah, I submit everything about themselves to thy power, and I'm willing to accept your decision. O Allah, grant me the reward of his deeds was Abdullah bin Zubeir, reward those who shabar and grateful ...! "

Then they hugged goodbye and goodbye states .. And a few moments later, Abdullah bin Zubeir engaged in a fierce battle which was not balanced, until it finally received a martyr's glorious death blow that killed him. The incident made the powers Hajjaj bin Abdul Malik Marwan opportunity to implement kesumatnya savagery and vengeance, that no kind of outrage that is more heinous than by overtaking a holy martyr's body had been frozen and stiff.

Her mother, an old woman when it was ninety-seven years old, stood watching his son, who was crucified. And like a high mountain, he stood facing him without moving. Meanwhile Hajjaj came up to him with gentle and berhina themselves, he said: "O mother, Amirui Mu'minin Abdulmalik bin Marwan gave testament to treat the mother with either ...!" "So there would need a mother?. Shouted a voice like a dignified woman said: "I am not your mother ...! I am the mother of the people who crucified on a pole karapan ..!

Gone is nothing that I need than you. Only I will deliver to you a Hadith which I heard from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam his saying:

"It would appear from Tsaqif a liar and a wicked ...! As for the liar has been equally we hetahui ....! As for the wicked, my knowledge is just you "

Abdullah bin 'Umar came to comfort her and take her bershabar. They replied: - "Why am I not going to Shahar, when the head of Yahya bin Zakaria himself was handed over to one of his wicked-wicked wicked from Bani Isra'il!".

Oh, how glorious you are, O daughter of Abu Bakr Shiddiq quoted 'anhu ...! Indeed, is there more that words more appropriate to say other than that (, now who has separated his head from his body Ibn Zubeir before they crucified him!

Not one! If the head of Ibn Zubeir been given as gifts to Hajjaj and Abdul Malik, the head of the noble Prophet Yahya 'alaihissalam had also been given as a gift to Salome, a woman who was wicked and despicable of the Children of Israel ...! Indeed, an appropriate imagery and words are telling ...!

Then is it possible for Ahdullah bin Zubeir presumably will continue his life under a very high level of nobility, virtue and heroism of this, being a woman is such menyusukannya shape his style.

Salam Abdullah would terlimpah over ...! And presumably, also terlimpah Asma '...!
Greetings to both their environmental martyr who never mortal ...!
And in an environment of people more devoted
source: http://www.kisah.web.id/redaksi/abdullah-bin-zubeir.html

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